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More than 7000 refrigerators found online with default user/password (
4 points by sillysaurus to news netsec security 666 days ago | 3 comments

2 points by rain1 665 days ago

this has probably been said before but...

why would a fridge have a login and password

why would it be networked

why why why


Back when I first saw them, they advertised benefits like telling you when you were out of stuff, when things were about to spoil, automatically ordering new stuff, doing that based on recipes, and so on. All through a touch screen in front of the fridge.

So, there's definitely some utility to it. I think most of it was and probably is the aspect of consumerism where people buy stuff to feel better than others and/or show off to them. It used to be how they look, what they contained, shelving, etc. Now, it's attributes like Internet-connected with whatever the software does.


Probably for the same reason “smart” TVs are now the default - they allow the manufacturer to monetize the appliance beyond the point of sale.

If you have a Samsung login on your fridge and the same on your TV (and your phone!) Samsung will know a lot about your movements, when you’re home, etc. This data can be worth a lot to marketers!


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