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MBase: Metaprogramming Framework in LISP-like language on .NET (
3 points by nickpsecurity to lisp metaprogramming .net 521 days ago | 1 comment

sklogic, who was on Hacker News, used to describe a tool he used that could crank out DSL's like they were nothing for all sorts of things. If they felt short, he could drop down to the common, powerful language to get that job done easily. He said he had Standard ML, Prolog, many parsers, and so on mocked up to have right tool for each job. He eventually linked to this which looks like the tool.

He mainly built program, analysis tools with it. The one thing I didn't like was it was on .NET. I forgot to ask him why he decided to do that given the tool was powerful enough to abstract around or create a portability framework. Maybe Meta Alternative was selling it to .NET shops for use on and integration with .NET apps. Features read like that.

When I last talked to him, he was trying to implement a Lisp CPU on a tiny FPGA. He knows hardware, too. Probably the market he should've tried to develop for and sell to. They were throwing all kinds of money at HLS for a while. Could've used it to build his open tools up if nothing else panned out. ;)


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