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Ask laarc: What are the guidelines wrt tags?
3 points by RiderOfGiraffes to ask on Feb 6, 2019 | 5 comments
There are lots of tags, and finding the right one or one(s) is completely opaque to me. As a quick, what's the difference between software, programming, and dev?

Can someone provide some guidelines?


3 points by emily on Feb 7, 2019

One of our (cough, my) goals is to make discovery— largely surrounding tags and filtering/suggesting/etc them— really intuitive, or at the least, much better than the current.

Any ideas or requests around this are welcome and appreciated!

Tl;dr— Are there any things would you like to see improved in particular? (Eg, tags as filters, or even just pointing to a site you think handles tagging well.)


3 points by shawn on Feb 7, 2019

We decided to leave it up to the community rather than micromanage tags.

I'll occasionally add extra tags to someone's submission, and sometimes I'll remove the news tag if it's not news, but other than that the user should be in control of the tags. (The idea is that someone should be able to curate links under a tag without worrying that the links will be yanked out of their list later on.)

There's no difference between programming and dev right now, but I've been hesitant to merge them. I tend to favor dev since it's shorter, but other people like programming.


This is a genuinely difficult problem. The challenges I have at the moment are:

A: when I look at a tag I don't know if I'm missing posts because they are under a different but semantically similar tag;

B: how to find appropriate tags to use for a post.

Tagging is hard, and it might be useful to invite ideas for how to get something that better allows discovery.


3 points by enkiv2 on Feb 7, 2019

Do we have support for seeing a timeline filtered by a list of tags (other than all)? For instance, it might be useful to look at all the posts listed as either dev or programming.

Personally, I read through the tag list before making a post & use a new tag if I think some important part of categorization isn't captured -- but that's mostly because most tags are clearly not relevant to the stuff I post, & because I tend to stick to a relatively small set of topics.


4 points by shawn on Feb 7, 2019

We actually just added that: /l/dev|programming


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