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I use a large/deep L-shaped desk, relatively high. L-shaped is best for me. I also use large desk mats for under keyboard and mouse.

I use 2x 4k monitors on solid midrange arms, with pistons being very useful for ergonomics, rotation is also essential for me. References on landscape screen, portrait on code screen.

I have had countless chairs. Key features: quality(hard to quantify, but chairs fail all the time), mesh is a must, needs good vertical height for ergo, order some roller blade wheels if you are on hard surface, and get one wheel with a lock on it.

I put a little piece of adhesive sandpaper/tractionpaper on the top of the spokes of my chair, keeps my feet from slipping off.

The cheaper full feature chairs on Amazon have failed on me after days before. ie plastic in the wrong places, metal bolts mounted in plastic that are load bearing, arms just falling off, mesh failing.

As much as it pains me to say it the Herman miller chairs really are very good. If you are in a big city, look for a office furniture recovery company, you can get a good deal, and they probably have a repair guy in house. These are usually in the warehouse district, they are great for pretty much your entire home office.

Final thing is find a good foot rest for under your desk. It can be anything that will stay put, doesn't need to be a "footrest". I use an old shoeshine box I found on ebay, it was the right height.

Desktop is a custom built rig, but also have a Thinkpad T480 for when I have to be mobile. The T480 is a great device, 1440p screen option and hotswapable batteries of differing sizes and great keyboard.

I totally agree with you about the chairs, that's the reason I haven't yet bought one, it'll end up costing me a fortune if I intend to use it everyday and for a while.

The furniture recovery company is a great idea, I'll check it out.


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