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RustPython: A Python Interpreter Written in Rust (
by nickpsecurity to rust python security 528 days ago | 1 comment

Python has massive use in a diverse array of fields with lots of educational resources helping beginners. There is and will be for a while lots of Python code. It's increasingly used in business-critical systems, like at Bank of America. That it's built on an unsafe language puts that all at risk of unreliability and security vulnerabilities. Long ago, I wanted to rewrite it in Ada with all safety features on to mitigate that risk while maintaining its convenience. Rust is another safe, systems language with extra measures for temporal errors. So, this project is doing the same thing.

Full security for Python apps would require consideration of each layer of abstraction:

1. User's code in Python.

2. The interpreter and extensions.

3. How these interact.

4. If added for performance or security, any assembly code plus its interactions.

Rewriting Python interpreter in Rust mainly addresses No 2. An example of a method to address all of them would be Abstract, State Machines which can represent simultaneously language semantics, software, and hardware. Tools like Asmeta exist to make them like programming languages. The verification would probably be manual, specialist work. Whereas, Rust's compiler gives you key properties with just annotations for many and working with borrow-checker for a few.


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